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Sherman Oaks Landscaping FAQ

This section of our web site will answer questions that we commonly hear from our clients. We welcome any and all inquiries from our visitors but you might find an instant answer to your question listed here.

Why should I consider landscaping for my yard or garden?

Your landscape is the first impression people have of your home. Just like the clothes you wear, the outside of your home makes a lasting impression on people even if it does not accurately reflect what you want to convey. Also your current landscape may be costing you more money than you realize in water and maintenance bills. But the most important is how your landscape is currently being used. In many homes the yard is an unused space that can be transformed into an extension of your home.

My water bills have increased substantially over the past few years. I would like to have a low water use garden, but I am afraid that it will look like a desert. Are there other options for a low water use garden?

Yes there are many options in planting for a low water use garden. Although succulents and cactus are very good choices for the garden, so are lavender, salvias, bougainvillea and of course many native plants. Our low water designers can create almost any style that you wish for your garden.

Do I really need a professional to handle my landscaping?

It depends on your level of knowledge. Certainly mowing a lawn or cleaning up leaves doesn't need a professional. But maintaining a lawn so that it looks beautiful all year long does require some knowledge. Pruning, fertilizing, and disease control does as well. Of course irrigation, lighting, hardscape installation takes more knowledge. We do get called in regularly by clients that think they can design and maintain a garden only to find that the wrong plants were planted for that location that have died or that plants were not pruned properly and need to be removed. We do advise at least having a consultation with a landscaping professional before you take on anything major in your yard.

Why does it matter what type of lawn mower is used, or if you use herbicides/pesticides or organic fertilizer

A gas powered lawn mower creates as much pollution as driving your car 100 miles! We try not to use herbicides or pesticides. The number of metric tons of these toxic substances used just in the United States alone is substantial. Our water, air and soil is all being polluted by the overuse of these products.
Organic fertilzer is best as it works with the plants in a natural way.

How much does a typical landscaping project cost?

Of course it depends on the size of the project. The size of our projects range typically from $2000 - $15,000.